Biography Project: Wall of Faces

Our Wall of Faces is more than just names, sharing insight into each of these individual’s lives.


Help Us Put a Face to Each Name

One of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation’s most important projects is collecting biographical information on the men and women whose names are listed on the Memorial.

Having this information will allow us to forever preserve the memory of those who gave their lives in Vietnam. Our goal is to one day have the biographical information and photographs for each of the New Jerseyans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their state and country. This information is also used to help teach younger generations that each name on the Memorial had a life and an individual story. We want to demonstrate to visitors that these were real people who lived complicated lives. Through learning about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, visitors can create strong connections to the past.

We are always looking for more information about those we honor, this includes personal memories, character traits, hobbies and of course photographs.

If you have information or photographs or are related to any of the individuals from the Memorial please send an email to or call (732) 335-0033×104

We are excited to announce that we have made great progress with our Wall of Faces Project. The goal of this work is to connect a photograph to every name on our memorial. We have been working on this project for several years and we are finally coming close to having a picture for all 1,563 names on our wall. There are, however, 12 men whose pictures we still need. If you have any information about these men and where we might find pictures of them, please contact our Curator, Greg Waters, at

Arthur Jordan, Paterson

Frank Kohlmyer, Pennsauken

James L. Lang, Neptune

Herbert H. Moore, Paterson

Clarence Nofford, Newark

Robert W. Ortiz, Paterson

Vidal Sanchez Jr., Shiloh

Charlie W. Taylor, Pleasantville

Melvin E. Taylor, Paterson

Alfred F. Wiggins Jr., Jersey City

Leroy Williams Jr., Newark

Ronald Wyatt, South River