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Herb Worthington

Herb Worthington was drafted in 1969, five days after graduating from The New York Phoenix School of Design, later known as Pratt Manhattan. At the time he was married for one year to his wife of now 42 years. Herb had already been working as a layout artist for JC Penny in their corporate offices in NYC. He was shipped from Fort Dix, New Jersey by bus to Fort Jackson, South Carolina where he completed his Basic and Advanced Infantry Training.

In Early Jan. 1970, Herb was shipped to Vietnam and sent to the Mekong Delta to III Corps South West of Saigon. He was put in the 2nd of the 60th, Recon Battalion of the 9th ID. Herb carried the 90 MM recoilless Rifle on many of the missions he went on. This unit operated along the Cambodian border in a place called the Plain of Reeds and the Parrots Beak and all of Long An Province. They went out by boats, Air Cushioned Vehicles and the battalion was also Air Mobile. Herb was pulled from the field to oversee a brochure being printed in Japan for two weeks because of his art background. When he reported back to Brigade Headquarters, they asked if he would like to stay there and made him a Combat Artist for the Military History Detachment to the 3rd Brigade, 9th ID. When the last of the 9th ID was sent home in 1970, they sent him to the 25th ID at Cu Chi as a Combat Artist with their Military History Detachment until Herb was sent home in December of 1970.

Today, Herb is retired now after almost forty years in the Advertising field as an illustrator, Production Manager, Art Director, Marketing Director and Ad Agency owner.

Herb also served as the Chief Service Officer, Chapter President and State Council President for Vietnam Veterans of America.

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