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Traveling Trunk

Traveling Trunk
Life and Times: Soldiers, Families,and Nations

For educators teaching the Vietnam Era, we highly recommend our Traveling Trunk, a portable classroom complete with artifacts, documents, photographs, a curriculum guide and lesson plans.

PLEASE NOTE: all trunk rentals must be picked up and returned in person to our facility, we no longer ship trunks offsite

Trunk Rental Contract

Trunk FAQs

How Much Does the Trunk Cost?

Cost: $50/2 week rental
Contact Michele Knell — —732-335-0033 x.104

What is the Traveling Trunk and Other FAQs:

The Traveling Trunk is a great way to bring the study of history alive in your classroom (or organization). The Trunk contains reproductions of documents and other authentic artifacts from the Vietnam War and the Vietnam era. The objects and documents for this trunk help explore answers to the essential question: How does war affect soldiers, families, and nations? The Trunk contains an educator notebook with several chapters and resources for assisting the borrower in teaching through its objects.

Anyone can rent a Traveling Trunk. Recommended parties who would benefit from this interactive educational program include: teachers, home schooled students, girl and boy scouts, senior centers, libraries, history organizations, and other similar groups.

The Traveling Trunk must be picked up by the borrower.

There is a flat $50 handling fee to rent the Traveling Trunk for a two week period. Borrowers must pick up and drop off the Trunk directly from the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center at no additional cost.

After signing a contract and confirming your reservation period you can pick up the Traveling Trunk the week your reservation starts. Trunks may be dropped off/picked up Monday – Friday between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Borrowers must call prior to drop off/pick up to ensure that Foundation staff is available.

Please call Sarah Hagarty at (732)- 335- 0033 x.104 to sign up for a Traveling Trunk. You can also email her at Download the appropriate paperwork (top of this page) to reserve a Trunk and reserve your rental period.

Interested parties should call at least two weeks prior to the time in which they wish to rent the Trunk. It is recommended to book as far in advance as possible. Reservations are made on first-come, first-served basis, and calendars fill up quickly. It’s never too early to book!

The first Traveling Trunk is called Life & Times: Soldiers, Families, and Nations. There are currently a total of three copies of this trunk available. In order to maintain the authenticity of the trunks, each trunk may slightly vary. However, the learning topics and lesson plans are the same. Objects may include POW/MIA bracelets, important military documents, photographs, military uniforms, Vietnamese artifacts, draft cards, dog tags, gas mask bags, and much more. An inventory list will be provided with your Trunk.

Yes, the Trunk meets many New Jersey and National Curriculum Standards and a list isprovided to you in the trunk’s educator notebook.

Yes, the Foundation staff is currently developing Traveling Trunks on Vietnamese culture and life in the 1960s.

The Trunk is for everyone. If you have been to the Memorial and/or the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center, then the Trunk is a great activity to use to bring your experiences back home with you. If you have not visited the Memorial and/or the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center, the Trunk is a great way to learn about the history of the Vietnam War and Vietnam era and prepare you for a visit.

Each borrower will sign a contract form to reserve the Trunk. The borrower in charge of the Trunk must sign the inventory sheet when receiving the Trunk and again prior to returning the Trunk. Objects and materials in the Trunk may be used as the instructor sees fit; however, please keep in mind that many students will be using the Trunk for years to come. Borrower is not liable for wear and tear on the Trunk as a result of normal use. They are responsible for the care and security of the Trunk while it is in their possession. Any damage/loss that occurs due to abuse of the Trunk or its contents is the responsibility of the borrower. There will be a flat rate of $50.00 charged the borrower for any damages as a result of abuse. If the entire Trunk is heavily damaged or is lost, the school will be charged the value of the Trunk: $500.00.

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