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NJ Professional Development Provider


For complete and accurate up to date information regarding the Professional Development Programs of the NJDOE, go to the official NJDOE site: http://www.state.nj.us/education/index.html

Provider Name:
Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center
Classification Two
1 Memorial Lane P.O. Box 648 Holmdel, NJ 07733
(732) 335-0033
(732) 335-1107
Web Site
Contact Person
Bill Linderman, Executive Director
Geographical Area Served:
Venue Preferred:
School District, Institution of Higher Education, Convention/Conference/Meeting
Core Curriculum Content Areas Covered:
Core Curriculum Content AreasElementaryMiddle SchoolHigh School
Language Arts LiteracyYESYESYES
Social StudiesYESYESYES
Visual and Performing ArtsYESYESYES

Summary Information of how the providers philosophy of professional development is aligned with the New Jersey Professional Development Standards.

We believe strongly that the educators of New Jersey can work individually and together to strengthen their knowledge of various topics that are taught in the classroom. New Jersey’s teachers should be encouraged to continue developing their skills and expanding their base of knowledge to continue providing quality education to all students. We are committed to providing useable information and content and to assisting teachers in applying this newly acquired information in the classroom. Through various functions and events held at the Vietnam Era Educational Center, we hope to stimulate an ongoing discussion on how to teach the Vietnam War and the Vietnam Era to students from elementary through college levels. Our curriculum has been developed by educators and we feel they are a key component in our ability to provide additional information. Summary of the methods, procedures, materials and techniques that will be used in the professional development:

There are several ways that we provide professional development. One is through participation on our Educational Program Advisory Committee, which works closely with our staff to monitor existing programs and create new learning opportunities. Another is attending our forums, which are all day workshops focusing on various topics relating to the Vietnam Era and how to impart this information in the classroom. A third is by working on various special projects as a content consultant or researcher. All of these activities are created with educators in mind and can be closely monitored to evaluate their success. Requirements and costs for the full implementation of the organizations professional development activities:

The only requirement to participate in one of these programs in the desire to expand your base of knowledge on the Vietnam Era. The cost to participate in the interdisciplinary forums is approximately $70. There is no cost for the other activities.

Evidence of the impact of the program offerings on student learning resulting from the professional development:

We distribute a feedback form for every program that we offer at the Educational Center. The information gathered is reviewed by staff and committee members to evaluate each program. The evidence of the impact of our programs is best measured by the repeat participation of teachers throughout the state who bring their classes to the Educational Center annually, attend our lecturesand forums, and ask to participate in creating new programs.


Course Title:
Vietnam as a Useable History
Frank Puccio


Course Title:
Educational Advisory Committee
Bill Fernekes


Course Title:
Class Visitation
Jean Ferrara

As a Registered NJDOE Professional Development Provider ‘Classification 2′, we:

Supply each teacher/educational services personnel member attending a professional development experience with written documentation that includes the provider‘s/district’s name and registration number, the educator‘s name, the title and content of the professional development activity, date, location, name of presenters/facilitators, and the number of professional development hours completed by the participant;

Being the Provider of Record and the primary sponsor of a conference/training involving multiple presenters, we will issue documentation forms with provider registration numbers for all professional development experiences. Our responsibilities also include: registering participants; reviewing and assuring the credentials of the presenters; and monitoring hours of participants.

In addition, we also:

Abide by state and federal laws; Assure that all individuals developing and/or delivering training under the auspices of the provider have the expertise needed to deliver high-quality training; Comply fully with the laws, regulatory provisions and Constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey; and not advocate the violation of any law, regulatory provision or Constitution of the United States or the State of New Jersey; Prohibit discrimination in the provision of professional development activities to any licensed educator; Provide professional development opportunities aligned with the New Jersey Professional Development Standards; Provide activities that promote high levels of student learning as defined by the Core Curriculum Content Standards; and Secure permission from references to list their names and contact information in the directory.

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